MESC 2017 Industry Sessions

An “Industry Session” is a presentation sponsored by one of the participating Industry partners. Topics for Industry Sessions are chosen by the sponsors of the sessions. The presentations are not reviewed by the Agenda Committee. The sponsor of an Industry Session is solely responsible for the material being presented.  

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Industry Session FAQ’s

What is the Industry Session?
An “Industry Session” is a presentation sponsored by one of our Industry partners.

How many Industry Sessions are there?
There are a total of eighteen (18) Industry Sessions. 

How much does a Industry Session cost?
Each Industry Session is $3,500.

Is the AV provided by the conference? 
The Industry Session rooms will have a projector and screen, but the sponsor of the session is required to supply their own laptop.

How long are the Industry Sessions presentations?
Each Industry Session is sixty (60) minutes long.

Who selects the topic for the Industry Session?
Topics for Industry Sessions are chosen by the sponsor of the session.


Click here to request an Industry Session


Questions? Contact NESCSO at 508.365.7833